• The food industry is facing a revolution in the way products are offered due to an increase of e-commerce, which is gaining more and more popularity, but also to the change in consumer habits since people is more concerned about the food origin and its content.
  • Supermarkets have already entered the trend of selling their products online and having delivery areas or taking them home.

  • The next step will involve direct shipping from the manufacturer, which represents a great opportunity to satisfy demanding consumers seeking quality and convenience. At AD Interacciones we are here to support you as a strategic partner to serve your clients, execute marketing and advertising strategies, carry out decentralized processes that allow you to focus on your core business, as well as support your field teams.

  • Remember that in AD Interacciones we want to offer you a comprehensive service, so as a complement to our Contact Center services, we have a consulting area in Customer Experience. Let us help you on your way to a customer-centric culture.


07 May 2020


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